Working Papers

Currency Choice in Contracts [NEW - Preliminary Version]

with Rishabh Kirpalani and Diego Perez

Wealth Redistribution After Exchange Rate Devaluations [NEW]

with Diego Perez and Gustavo Pereira, prepared for American Economic Association Papers and Proceedings, 2018

Pricing in Multiple Currencies in Domestic Markets [Updated version]

with Diego Perez

Sequential Banking: Direct and Externality Effects on Delinquency [Updated version]

with Giacomo De Giorgi and Enrique Seira

Labor Market Dynamics after Nominal Devaluations 

Price Setting under Uncertainty about Inflation [Updated version]

with Diego Perez

Sympathy for the Diligent and the Demand for Workfare

with Ricardo Perez-Truglia

Mobility Out of Low-Wage Jobs by Young American Men

with Thomas MaCurdy (new draft coming soon)


Work in Progress

Search and Price Posting: Evidence from the Physical Capital Market

with Juan Herreño and Pablo Ottonello