Working Papers

Wealth Redistribution After Exchange Rate Devaluations [NEW]

with Diego Perez and Gustavo Pereira, prepared for American Economic Association Papers and Proceedings, 2018

Pricing in Multiple Currencies in Domestic Markets [Updated version]

with Diego Perez

Sequential Banking: Direct and Externality Effects on Delinquency [Updated version]

with Giacomo De Giorgi and Enrique Seira

Labor Market Dynamics after Nominal Devaluations

Price Setting under Uncertainty about Inflation 

with Diego Perez

Sympathy for the Diligent and the Demand for Workfare

with Ricardo Perez-Truglia

Mobility Out of Low-Wage Jobs by Young American Men

with Thomas MaCurdy (new draft coming soon)


Work in Progress

Search and Price Posting: Evidence from the Physical Capital Market

with Juan Herreño and Pablo Ottonello